Here are the following candidates for President and Secretary-Treasurer. Elections will take place from Friday, October 11 until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, October 13.

President: Adam Sennott (your current Vice President)

My name is Adam Sennott and I’m intending to run for President of the New England chapter of the SPJ. I have served as a board member for several years, and spent this past year as vice president. I am running because I would like to continue the success the chapter has had under it’s current president, Jordan Frias. Over the three years he has been president the chapter has grown significantly. We’ve been hold more panel events, fundraiser, and we even started giving out a scholarship again. We also hosted, and organized, last year’s northeast regional conference. I would like to continue to build on his success and help move the chapter forward.

Vice President: Abigail Feldman

My name is Abby Feldman and I’m running for the position of Vice President of the New England Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists. I’m excited for this opportunity to contribute to the chapter as a leader of the board, and to become better acquainted with other SPJ members. 

I first became attracted to a career in journalism when I learned how news writing allowed me to serve and connect with members of my community.  Reporting — particularly in my current position as a Metro writer for the Boston Globe — has given me the chance to speak with community leaders, local experts, and all types of individuals that I would never have met in other circumstances. I hope to use my position as a board leader to make meaningful connections with others in the journalism field, and help organize occasions for new and seasoned journalists to learn from one another. As a former office administrator at Tufts University, I bring valuable experience in organizing events, developing outreach strategies, and linking students with professionals. I am thankful for the chance to utilize these skills and look forward to serving the chapter!

Secretary-Treasurer: Jordan Frias (your current President)

My name is Jordan Frias and I am running to be your Secretary-Treasurer for a one-year term. I’ve served as your president for the past three years and believe I can help lead the chapter in a good direction in terms of its finances. Under my leadership and with help from current Secretary-Treasurer Cole Rosengren and my board, I grew our account from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand with a successful regional conference we put together in April. If elected to this position I will continue the great work that has been done by our current Secretary-Treasure and more by making sure we continue to raise money and provide scholarships to aspiring journalism students. I hope to win your vote this November to further our reach as a chapter and to leverage our resources to strengthen it financially.

Note: Only members in good standing will be allowed to vote. Last day to be added as a candidate is Saturday, September 28 – email if you want to run.