Why should you join SPJ New England?

Former SPJNE President and reporter for the The Boston Globe, Emily Sweeney explains how becoming a Society of Professional Journalists member has benefitted her personally and professionally.

How will becoming a member benefit you?

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How to join

1. Visit spj.org.

2. Click on the “Join SPJ” tab on the top left hand side of the homepage.

3. Click on one of the “Three Ways to Join” options on the menu that will appear.

4. Fill out the application and be sure to pay both membership and local chapter dues.


Simply visit http://www.spj.org/join.asp

How much does SPJNE membership cost?

Membership type 1: Professional

You spend more than half of your time working as a journalist or j-educator. $75 for 1 year.

Membership type 2: Retired

You are retired and 62 or older. $37.50 for 1 year.

Membership type 3: Lifetime

Enjoy a lifetime membership in SPJ. Local chapter dues not included. $1,000.

Please note: Monthly payment option is not available for lifetime memberships.

Membership type 4: Household

You share living quarters with an existing SPJ professional member. $37.50 for 1 year.

Membership type 5: Post Graduate

Through three years after college graduation. $37.50 for 1 year.

Please note: Any newly joining Post Grad member, including current SPJ college members that are graduating, can sign up today and receive three years for just $75.

Membership type 6: College Student

Any collegiate student. $37.50 for 1 year.

Please note: If you are a freshman or sophomore, you can join today for just $100 and be covered for the life of your college years.

Membership type 7: Associate (SPJ Supporter)

You support efforts to protect the First Amendment, freedom of press, media credibility and the public’s access to information. $20 for 1 year.