Here are your candidates for the 2019 New England Chapter election for board members, which will be held from October 12 to October 14 —

Jordan Frias (incumbent)

I am running for a third term as president of the New England Professional Chapter of SPJ. As we embark on the difficult task of planning a regional conference at Northeastern University here in Boston I feel that it is necessary that we have an experienced leader to take on the task of organizing a regional conference. Having been to several national and regional conferences on behalf of the New England PRO Chapter in the past, I feel that I will be a familiar face to those who attend the conference. I also know how to work with our regional leadership team already and fully understand the ins and outs of running a conference. That is why I strongly feel you should reelect me as your president this October.

Vice President:
Adam Sennott
I’m running for vice president of the New England SPJ because I love the work this organization does and I want to help take it to the next level. Over the three years that I’ve seen the board become far more organized and ambitious under the leadership of Danielle McLean and Jordan Frias. During that time we have amended our bylaws, hosted numerous panels at local colleges, and even started offering scholarships to aspiring journalists. It’s been incredible to be part of this group of amazing journalists

Cole Rosengren (incumbent)
I’m running for another term as secretary-treasurer to help prepare for the 2019 regional conference and continue the work we’ve started in organizing chapter operations. During my first two terms in the position, I led efforts to modernize our bylaws, updated our bank records, caught up on our tax filings, transitioned our record-keeping system online, assisted with the restart of our scholarship program and most recently worked to ensure our chapter is compliant with SPJ’s new national finance guidelines.


Anyone who missed today’s deadline to announce their candidacy can email chapter president Jordan Frias if they want to be considered for the October 12 ballot. He can be reached at

More information to come.