The New England SPJ Chapter is hosting a panel at Boston University on December 7th at 7 p.m. on covering sexual assault.

Panelists include Boston Globe Spotlight reporter Jenn Abelson, who covered sexual abuse at New England Boarding Schools, Boston Globe reporter Kay Lazar, who covered allegations of abuse and misconduct by faculty at Berklee College of Music, Boston Globe reporter Devra First, who covered allegations of sexual harassment in Boston’s restaurant industry, Attorney Mitchell Garabedian, who represented victims of the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal and Attorney Robert Bertsche, a media and first amendment lawyer for Prince Lobel Tye and Jane Doe Inc. director of membership and programs Diana Mancera, who oversees training in leading innovations in prevention programming for members of the sexual and domestic violence coalition.

This is an opportunity to hear from journalists, attorneys and advocates on the complexities of reporting stories of sexual assault, best practices on finding and interviewing sources and how reporters can protect themselves when covering such a sensitive topic.

Our event is being cosponsored by the BUSPJ student chapter, Prince Tye Lobel, the New England First Amendment Coalition and the New England Newspaper & Press Association.

Attendees MUST register for this free event through the following Eventbrite link:

Please feel free to confirm on Facebook as well if you have an account here.

Hope to see you there!