Fellow SPJ members,

It is time to elect your chapter board members for 2018.

Voting opens at midnight Friday, October 13 and closes at 11:59 on Sunday, October 15. If you’ve paid dues then you will be eligible to vote and get your ballot emailed to you.

Your candidates this year are as follows:

Jordan Frias (incumbent) for President —
As the current president of this chapter, I would like to run again to be your president. I have been on the board as vice president before and had the pleasure of representing our local chapter at two national conventions and a regional conference where I met so many people and learned so much about who we are and what we represent as a chapter of this larger organization. I believe that we are becoming a stronger chapter under my leadership and I’m looking forward to further strengthening it as we prepare to host the regional conference in 2019 if you’d give me the chance to preside over this chapter for another term.

Bill Marcus (incumbent) for Vice President —
I’d like to be Vice President again. I accepted the position as a field commission when there was a vacancy. But I enjoy the degree of responsibility that has accompanied the title: I have represented the president at the Yankee Quill Award, and, as an older reporter, I have tried to use my organizational experience to help our president (and fellow board members) administer the affairs of the SPJNE. In the past year I also played a role in re-writing the by-laws. I enjoy organizational inside baseball stuff and I’d like to continue in this role. I hope I can count on your support! Thank you!

Cole Rosengren (incumbent) for Secretary-Treasurer —
I’m running for another term as secretary-treasurer to help continue our recent fundraising efforts for local programming and prepare for the 2019 regional conference. During my first term as secretary-treasurer, I helped lead efforts to modernize our bylaws, updated our chapter’s bank records, caught up on our tax filings and started transitioning our record-keeping system online. If elected for another term, I plan to complete that transition to an online system and work with the board on more programs to build our funds in the year ahead.