The New England Chapter of SPJ is hosting its annual election. Any registered member of SPJNE interested in running for the president, vice president, treasurer or secretary position please fill out a nomination form below with:

Your name, SPJ member number, the position you would like to run for, a bio, and the reasons why you are the right person for the job.

We will be accepting nominations until Oct. 13. Members can vote on the candidates between Oct. 21 and Oct 23. Check out the job descriptions below.

Best of luck everyone!

Job Descriptions:


The main leader of the chapter. Responsibilities include coordination of chapter activities, delegation of projects and presiding over meetings.

Vice President

Assists the president.Vice President should chair a major committee and when the president is unable to, should preside over a meeting.


Keeps records of chapter activities and meeting minutes. Helps with scheduling.


In charge of the chapter’s checkbook, special banking projects, scholarship fund, making sure the chapter makes some sort of a Legal Defense Fund contribution, and the payment of chapter bills.