A huge thank you to everyone who made it out to tonight’s Massachusetts Public Records Reform Rally in front of the State House. We had a crowd of over two dozen journalists, students and advocates coming from a wide-range of news sites, colleges and organizations.

We made some noise, had some great dialogue and helped spread our message. Speaking for myself, I also had a lot of fun and met some really nice people.

But the fight is still not over! Please contact your senator (who you can find here) and tell them you are calling to ensure that the public records access reform bill under consideration includes the following assurances:

FIRM TIME FRAMES FOR PROVIDING RECORDS – Delay is a form of denial. 30 days is enough.

A STRAIGHTFORWARD, EFFECTIVE APPEALS PROCESS – Real remedies without a legal maze.

MANDATORY ATTORNEY FEES – 47 states require fee awards when officials violate the law. Why not us?

REDUCED FEES FOR PUBLIC INFORMATION – Affordability = Access. No information tax. Access to our records is a baseline right in a democracy that ensures freedom of inquiry and the right to dissent.